Next great adventure


Si, me voy a Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil. I am going on a cruise and hope to be birding in all 3 countries. If you know of a guide let me know. I have not found Birdingpal useful. I have a couple of leads though. I’ll keep you posted.


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3 responses to “Next great adventure

  1. Dina


    Totally frickin jealous.

  2. I now have bird guides for both BA and Rio. Thank you Alec Earnshaw and Richard Rady for getting back to me. It helps to get recommendations from friends. Thanks to everyone that made suggestions. I am going to start a list of bird guides that I have used. It may come in handy for other people. This is one of the challenges we all face. Alec’s website is in the blogroll. Check it out.

  3. OMG that’s fantastic!

    I picked up a copy of that book in Argentina when I was there in 1988 in Spanish. I was there on a cultural exchange program which was not about birds but I did pretty well all the same.

    I’d love to go back…

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