Wordless Wednesday



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10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I signed up for a BBQ lunch at a ranch because the word birdwatching was in the description of the excursion. Food being secondary, for a change, I wanted to get into the countryside. I had hoped against hope to see these cardinals. Within half an hour, this family group flew in. Can you image them at your feeder?

  2. Red Crested Cardinals? Wow….I’ve never seen these before. Our cardinals are all red[the males]…these are simply gorgeous.

    Happy W W

  3. Like the person above me, I’ve never seen these types before either. We only have the all red ones too. Beautiful!

  4. Nice composition. Happy WW!

  5. Those are Cardinals? I didn’t know. I love the solid red ones that I have never seen in real life. We don’t have Cardinals out here. MB

  6. they’re so looking beautiful.what’s the name of the bird? I like the read head so rare!


    Check out mine too!

    Facial Expressions
    Worn Out

  7. adamswife

    What a lovely accompaniment to lunch!

  8. Ah, birding–ain’t it the best when they fly to you?

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