I am an idiot. I choked and left the birdfeeders out all night, blithely ignoring the warm night and lateness of the season. I had been considering taking them in for good, but we had another cold snap (these cold snaps do not seem to be ending).
With no feeders, my fine-feathered friends were pecking at bare frozen earth and shooting dismembering glares at the house. I could not take it. I caved and bought more sunflower seed and put the feeders back out. I thought the famished ursine neighbors would languish in their comfy dens for several more weeks.

I was so wrong.

Now I am out one perfectly good squirrel-proof (but not bear-proof) feeder. The marauder not only pulled the feeder down, but in frustration, ripped off the top and emptied the seed (no doubt right into his mouth like a pixie stick.) Then it looks like he sat on the feeder for it is as flat as a pancake (alright, more like a waffle). The thistle sock? Right. Thanks for asking. Disappeared, no doubt gutted and tossed aside, to be found whenever I get around to finish tidying last fall’s leaves tucked under the hedge. Sigh. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.


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4 responses to “Grrrrr.

  1. djbrown

    Yup. Bears are moving in New Jersey. Long may they live (safely) which means away from us.

  2. So there is something worse than squirrels when it comes to backyard birding…

    My mother-in-law lost a lot of good feeders in the fall to bears. This seems to have been a particularly bad year in that regard.

  3. Sounds like the good folks up in Canada at Brome need to get to work on the “Bear Buster Plus” bear-proof bird feeder.

  4. Wailing about my feeder situation this past weekend, my friend said, “Goodness, I have had my feeders down for 3 weeks now.” Why do I never get the memo?

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