Redpoll Way Station on Their Northern Journey

I took a sip of crisp white wine then froze as my friend hissed, “Don’t move. There is a Redpoll at the feeder.” I angled my eyes over toward the feeder. Then slowly set my glass back on the table. At the feeder chowing down was a Redpoll, four more were in the trees eyeing us and the feeder, clearly wanting to eat but not terribly comfortable with our presence. We sat like statues until a Downy Woodpecker flew to a nearby suet feeder frightening the Redpolls. They all took off. I jumped up and hustled into the house to get my camera out of my bag.

I had popped over to a friend’s house for dinner and we were sitting in our coats on their a deck on a chilly early April evening, sipping white wine, eating Saga Blue, laughing and catching up. She had been emailing me about the Redpolls all week.

The feeders were hopping with Chickadees, Titmice, a family group of Downies, a Red-bellied, a smallish flock of Goldfinches and Redpolls. Her deck is ideally suited for bird photography. It is high and the property slopes down, so we were amidst the trees. We sat swilling wine; talking about work, blogging, Redpolls, the Adirondacks, writing, Redpolls, travel, what we were reading and Redpolls.

They are on their way north, her deck feeders were nothing but a way station on their trip but it was nice of them to lay-over for a few days.

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One response to “Redpoll Way Station on Their Northern Journey

  1. What a lovely evening for everyone, especially the Redpolls! It is an honor to host both birds and bloggers (especially the photography artists)!

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