Happy Mothers Day

Ugly ducklings look cute to me


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7 responses to “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Marie

    Those little ones are cute. She must be a good mama, there are sure a lot of them.

  2. Did you snap this before the cob made you run backwards, or after?
    I have 2 faves of the day–the prairie warbler and the crowds of chestnut-sided warblers staking territory!

  3. LOL. After. You will notice that I cropped Him out.

  4. Bill

    Not such a ugly duckling.

  5. Bob

    Wait. I want to hea the story about the cob.

  6. Hi Bob,

    Di and I were coming back from birding and as we approached the lake a cob, pen and 6 cygnets were standing smack dab in the middle of the road. I got out of the car to shoo them across the road thinking they might get hit. The Cob was NOT happy with me. Di got out too and we both were flapping our coats at them trying to get them off the tarmac. Finally they moved to one side, but not before the cob lunged at me. And LET me tell you a hissing angry cob with his wings spread and neck extenend full length is a thing to be reckoned with. I jumped back.

  7. I saw this family the other day. They still have 3 babies.

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