Beyond the Birds

At this time of year, when the birds are silently going about the business of raising their families, my time in the woods and fields lessens somewhat but when I’m out; it broadens to include other critters not so high in the canopy.

In the woods the other day, I spied a five-lined skink. It warily watched me approach, then skittered a few inches away. We played push-me-pull-you for several minutes, before it ran off into the damp underbrush. I was thrilled; I had never seen one.

The black rat snake that is living on the chipmunks in the backyard occasionally lazes replete, draped on the top of the rock wall. This is the same snake I have cut out of deer netting, twice.

A gray tree frog was plastered to the window on the deck. I flipped on the outside light. I peered at it; it peered at me. Its throat pulsed, but I could not hear it over the rain. Its thighs against the glass were bright orange.

You often see more than birds when you are out birding.


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4 responses to “Beyond the Birds

  1. So glad your eyes see beyond the bins! This world belongs to more than we can see.

  2. Marie

    Is that the skink, what a funny word, with the red head?
    I can sorta see the lines. And, may I ask, where is the picture of the frog with the orange thighs???

  3. Yes, Marie. this is a picture of an adult breeding male. They are the ones with the reddish heads. Or at least that is what National Audubon Society’s Field Guide to Reptile and Amphibians says. As for the frog, I do have a picture of the amazing thighs, but it is not very good.

  4. That is one of the reasons I love birding. A good excuse to get out and see much, much more. I had my eyes to the skies recently, and just about trampled on a beautiful snake. I was a little bummed I didn’t have my eyes to the dirt a bit more.

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