No more Plastic Bags

You’ve seen the devastating reports of animals mistaking plastic for nutritious food.  The news from the Pacific Islands about the Albatross is heart-rending.  You know plastic does not break down for a bazillion years and turtles and birds try to eat it.  Please, please, please buy the stupid bag at the grocery or recycle the paper bags or use all the swag you get at conferences.  For heavens sake, if you cannot afford cloth bags, let me know I have dozens in my car at all times.  I have been using string bags since my hippie-dippie days.  They hold more than plastic and you can throw them in the washing machine.  I know I’m preaching to the choir, but if you know someone who is still using plastic; try to influence them.


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7 responses to “No more Plastic Bags

  1. I, too, keep bags in my car but oh my goodness I never remember to take them in the store with me. Still I always get paper and reuse and recycle them religiously. Thank you for the reminder.

    Oh, and check with your local trash company . . . some of them are recycling plastic bags now. Ours does so when I visit a store that doesn’t offer paper (like many non-food stores), I make sure they get recycled too.

  2. Oy, I often forget to take them into the store with me too. I park my cart (usually in the aisle with the cards and candles) then schlep sheepishly back out to my car to get them. You have an excellent point about non-food stores. Have you ever tried bringing in bags? I haven’t, but I’m gonna do it next time I’m in Target or someplace.

    My town barely recycles plastic (only 1 and 2) but the local A&P has a big recycle bin for bags.

  3. Hey DD, Oddly enough, yes I did see that. I got it in an email from one of my yahoo groups. It makes me want to pull my hair out. The stork stuck in a plastic bag is dreadful but so is the turtle eating blue plastic. Ugh.

  4. I recycle all my plastic at the local Stop ‘n Shop & never accept it if I can carry an item without any bag at all. The string bag is a good idea–you can stash it in the corner of a purse.

  5. Here in South Africa the government decided to take some steps. The shops must sell the plastic bags. No more free bags. That helps. Our recycling of anything, even glass is still very poor. Only in large cities.

  6. It is very sad …. Not only plastic bag hurt animal, the rubber that old beer and or coke can all together kill too !
    I remember once in Costa Rica we found a desd turttle on the beach : the rubber had strangled her.

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