Spider in the Sky

Come into my parlor said the spider to the hiker….

So there I was hiking along the path in Bermuda, la-de-dah, not really paying attention, when I almost became lunch.  Luckily her last meal alerted me and I stopped just before I got entangled and destroyed her handiwork.  Let me tell you, she was a biggin’. She had somehow managed to string her web completely across the path.  I wonder what she was hoping to catch, hmmmm.

I found there were spiders EVERYWHERE in Bermuda.  If you love them.  Go there.

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13 responses to “Spider in the Sky

  1. cool catch for skywatch! Happy weekend! Hope you’ll visit mine too…

  2. LOL – Good skywatch! And they are everywhere everywhere! Skywatchers and Spiders! 🙂
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. Nice picture. I don’t love spiders, but I certainly don’t hate them. And seeing impressive ones, with impressive webs is always thrilling to me.

  4. that looks lovely!

    have posted a picture of a partial solar eclipse that we had in our mumbai skies today!

    have a super weekend!

  5. very cool shot! I like spiders.

  6. That’s amazing – I’ve come to really love and appreciate spiders recently and think this is a great contribution to skywatch. Thanks for visiting wrenaissance!

  7. I don’t like spiders but i love this picture. So nice! Have a great weekend!

  8. That’s a marvellous shot.

  9. I have heard it said that there are so many spiders in the world that we are never more than 3 feet from one at any time. Makes one pause, no?

  10. The intricacy, and strength of spiderwebs always fascinate me … until it gets suck in my hair.

  11. great SWF nice pic have good weekend

  12. That’s also a nice skywatch, something different, spider central in the picture and a nice story along with it.
    Looked through your blog and really liked the story (and photos) of the woodpecker with his stash in the tree,never noticed something simular here in Belgium.

  13. Cool shot of the spider and sky. I like spiders, but still don’t appreciate their webs across my face.

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