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  1. I’m not sure if it’s the markings that look like a skull or the blood red pointy bits, but this is one scary looking spider.

  2. Oh yikes! Shouldn’t have come! I see you like birds- you’ll enjoy my post. 🙂

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  3. great job and nice capture 🙂

  4. What a great sight. Have a wonderful WW! 🙂

  5. Cool! I have never seen a spider that looks like that!

  6. Okay, I hope I never see one of those at my house. That’s scary looking!

    (BTW, thanks for visiting me.)

  7. OMG. To think any one of these things could only be as close as 3 feet away. Shiver.

  8. As a spider, that is one scary looking creature. As a living creature, it is pretty amazing!

  9. Rob

    It lookes like a Spinybacked Orbweaver. Scary lookin little thing.

  10. Jose

    I was recently in Peru visiting family and I happened to see this spider on one of the trees in my grandmothers garden.

  11. tom

    it’s a spinybacked orbweaver spider.

  12. Anonymous

    I love crab spiders! Non-venomous, non-aggressive. The spines aren’t sharp or have poison on them; in fact, you can pick them up by their pointy spikes! Used to play with them all the time when I was little, let them crawl all over me… Mother Nature is our friend!

  13. Paul

    I love those crab spiders! I had a family of them out the front yard when I was growing up. Haven’t seen any since I moved but they are totally harmless, wonderfully painterly colorful and truly one of nature’s wonders.
    More arachnophobes should see theses.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s the darth maul of spiders!

    • Dott

      Thanks I just found my back yard loaded with them and was not sure if it was poisionous. Relieved my mind and now i am so happy that I did not destroy the eggs. In a long beaded string hanging down. I kill nothing that won’t kill me.

  15. Farrah

    I haven’t seen one in years! I grew up with all male cousins and we use to go on all day spider hunts…these were my favorites! I did grow to love my rock music! lol

  16. They are very small and they are everywhere where I live. We also have banana spiders in abundance. Watch out walking out your doors they can spin a very large web overnight. terrifying to run into one of these webs not paying attention, I have one to the right of my front door. I don’t bother them as long as they keep their distance, but if they get too close I just take a long stick and wrap their web up a bit and put it on a bush.

  17. Anonymous

    That is a realy cool looking spider… I want one of those to bite me, maybe i’ll turn into a spiderman or something…+_+

  18. Jando

    Tom – Thanks for the ID. I’ve been protecting my new ‘neighbor’ from the guy who mows, just because I found her appearance and web-building skills fascinating. When I googled the name you provided, I learned she’s Gasteracantha cancriformis, and one of the ‘good guys’ – harmless to humans and beneficial to gardens. (But I’m still calling her my Crab Spider Lady.)

  19. Peggy Pollice

    Are these spiders common in Florida on screen porches? I have had them at the last 2 houses that I lived in, on the screen porch. I love them, but want to make sure they are harmless.

  20. Anonymous

    What is this? It’s in my yard.

  21. Anonymous

    I came across a crab spider at my house in Nalcrest Florida yesterday. Make a neat photo.

  22. We live in South Florida. Just caught one on the balcony and he looks amazing. Glad to hear they are not venomous. My 4-year old, just told me that he loves him… He goes to the best Christian Daycare in Delray Beach, Florida. The spider is only trapped for the night as he will be in show n tell tomorrow! Yay.

  23. nick tanner

    i just caught 1 in a jar and i was trying 2 find what species of spider it is and if its poisonous

  24. Timothy

    I have this spider in my back yard right now. I took a picture with my phone but it did not turn out this nice! Great pic! Does anyone know what it is?

  25. Anonymous

    come to Florida…………Jax Beach……..they’re all over the trees in my yard. Used to see one, once in a while………..probably 10 around at the moment

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