I do not often see swans flying.  But when I do, it is a sight to behold.  

To see other skies around the world check out SkyWatch


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9 responses to “SkyWatch

  1. Nice catch…
    That would get my attention too…

  2. Wow – this is really beautiful – love it! Great shot for SWF!

  3. Fabulous catch of the bird in mid-air!! Well done!!

  4. A great shot. Swans are so wonderful. I’m doing a series on them at Camera Critters tomorrow. Nothing as special as yours here.

  5. wow, that is just amazing!!!

  6. Beautiful photo. Every now and then we have a pair of swans nesting nearby. But I’ve never seen them fly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a glorious sight! I once had a pair fly about 2′
    above my head. I was in awe, as though two angels had just toutched me. My friend standing next to me had noticed nothing. The wingbeats and rush of air were astonishing. Thank you so much for this magical picture.

  8. Beautiful. Excellent picture of their flight.

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