Beautiful high-rise condo available in the clean air of the high Sonoran Desert.  Sturdy wooden frame with expandable water supply.  Air-conditioned in summer and warm in winter.  Isolated yet safe neighborhood.  High security spines keep out unwanted visitors.  You decorate to your specification.  No down payment required.  Move in condition.  These vacancies won’t last.

Check out other skies at SkyWatch.


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19 responses to “SkyWatch

  1. haha…too funny. Fantastic photo.

  2. Cool! I know nothing about this type of habitat – who do you think will be moving in?

  3. Nice Sky Watch!!! Great colors in that blue sky….I would like that condo!!!! This is what sky watch is all about… we get to travel all around the world, such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it. cheers.

  4. Interesting apartment building…

  5. wow! Wonderful capture for skywatch! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by… asking for your vote too… the way of fortune is like the milkyway in the sky, thanks alot! Happy weekend!

  6. Thanks for your nice comment in my blog. I am flattered, really.

    Hope all is well in NJ….must be starting to get into the fall by now? I miss the colors of fall…

    Great skywatch, by the way….



  7. Nice place to stay 🙂 I hope there’s enough room for everyone.
    Great contribution to SWF

  8. Great shot and a perfect commentary to go with it.

  9. I miss the saguaros – they have so much personality! (And even more when a woodpecker moves in)
    I need to go back to AZ!
    Well done!

  10. Nice ad, Bev!
    I enjoyed it.
    Have a good weekend.

  11. Talk about safe neighborhood! 😉

  12. hehe, great commentary to go along with a great SWF photo!! Have a super weekend!

  13. Love the photo and the text, but you forgot to mention “Desert View.” I want one in my neighborhood instead of the condos being built down the road. So what if there’s no desert in Michigan?

  14. Fantastic !!! lovely housing project 🙂
    The one with the swans and with the gulls are so beautiful too (and real close).

  15. I love a post with a sense of humor! You asked about the baby bat on my blog. I should have made it more clear. A friend from a birding list rehabs bats. You need to be vaccinated against rabies before you can do this. This little one survived. Most people are very afraid of bats and don’t realize what wonderful little creatures they are and how useful they are in controlling insects….Michelle..

  16. I love it. Great little ad there. And fun picture.

  17. Can’t afford it at the price but I’d love to time share with likeminded person.
    What a beauty of a photo!

  18. Great picture. I love to see the big tall cactus like this.

  19. Ooh, haven’t seen saguaros in years. What a wonderful SWF submish!

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