Whooping Crane Habitat Worry

I am a worrier.

I know you have been watching the weather.  Or at least have heard that Hurricane Ike is headed for the Texas Coast and right for Aransas NWRI was there last Spring and took a boat out to see the cranes.  I have seen the marsh and how low the land is.  I am concerned about potential habitat and food loss for the Whooping Cranes.  Whoopers fly 2500 miles from Wood Buffalo National Park in the Northwest Territories of Canada to their wintering grounds at Aransas.  Let us breathe a collective sigh of relief that the cranes are not due until mid-October.  And keep our fingers crossed that the hurricane damage is not severe. 

If you have not been down to see them.  Try to go.  They are way cool.


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4 responses to “Whooping Crane Habitat Worry

  1. They are so beautiful. I too hope the damage isn’t too great – for everyone involved.

  2. Ike just missed them thank goodness…

  3. Wingsong

    But Ike did not miss my favorite Spring Migration spot – if you’ve never been to High Island in the spring, you have really missed a treat – and, depending on the degree of damage on the Bolivar Peninsula, there might not be another chance for this one . . .

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