I was with friends the other day and we were talking about if you were a bird which one would you be.   There were lots of interesting answers from hawks (of course) to a vulture (you can’t be serious!) to eagles (hmmm, yes but have you heard their call?), and an Anna’s Hummingbird (biggest of the small).  Me?  I want to be a scissor-tailed flycatcher.  I love that tail and their soft demure beauty, but buddy, you had better watch out when they fly.  The underside of those wings are the most amazing shade of salmon pink.

What bird would you be?

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19 responses to “Skywatch

  1. I would be combo: vulture for their efficient gliding ability, eagles for their handsome visage and Meadowlark for their exquisite song. How’s that for a vision?

  2. No doubt about it that some people think of the forked tail as the forked tail of the devil, but I think it is a splendid bird. I would be a chickadee as I watch them more than any other bird and they are really the kind of bird I’d like to be.

    My Sky Watch Friday blog is at my
    Canon Pixels
    blog. If you have time I would appreciate your having a look at the sky peeking through the oak tree leaves.

  3. What an unusual looking bird! The tail really does look like scissors

  4. I am not surpirsed you’d like to be like a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. What a beauty!

    I’d want to be a sought-after Red-faced Malkoha where I will hang around in good company of the mixed-species bird flock associates at the Sinharaja rain forest. I could feed on mostly tasty morsels such as caterpillars, crickets, stick insects and an occasional fruit. I could have a lady that look as good as I do looking almost identical to me with her white iris helping me to seperate her from the blokes around. I do not have to worry about singing my lungs out to call her and mark my territory like my other cuckoo family members as my voice is a gutteral one, which also help me to keep a low profile especially for those birders who would come to see me. I wouldn’t get the wrath of other smaller passerines around me too for I make my own nest and not brood parasitize like my other disgraceful family members.

  5. Very nice – I’ve never considered the type of bird I’d be. Maybe a Lilac-breasted Roller. I love their habitat, and they’re not too bad to look at either.

  6. Bill

    Flycatcher? Couldn’t you have picked something that eats fruit? But, it is lovely, subtle, and has a wild side. That is you all over. Good choice.

  7. Amila,
    Your description makes me want to jump on a plane and go see it. Keep it up. I may be in Sri Lanka yet! 😉

  8. Larry Sheldon

    I’d go for Chickadee. Or Bluejay. Or Magpie. Or Hummingbird. Depends on my mood.

  9. That was my ulterior motive!
    It is a special bird for me because it was the subject of my maiden article in a peer-reviewed ornitholical journal. See:

    Click to access Red-faced%20Malkoha%20Article.pdf

  10. Hey, what have you got against vultures? They are really cool birds. I’d be a wren, of course, but I would have tail-feather envy of you as the flycatcher.

    Thanks for a great pic.

  11. Tom

    I would probably want to be an ostrich. I would love to be able to run as fast as they do.

  12. I love these birds. I’ve only seen them in one place–on a road where we used to live when I was a kid. They were not any other place in the surrounding area, just that one road. This SWF post really made me smile.

  13. I love it! I’d be a Kestrel…as if Sparverius didn’t give that one away. 🙂 They hover and stoop and have all the abilities (though maybe not the power), and glory of the bigger falcons, packed into a tiny little, very colorful body!

  14. Susan

    Boy. I’ve never given it much thought. ***chewing lip**** I guess I will go with…the Acorn Woodpecker. I’m lazy. It is having a food pantry that tips the scale.

  15. That’s a toughie!

    Well a penguin of course!

    Otherwise a great blue heron, or a seagull, or a turkey vulture (vultures are lovely. you just have to look at them the right way. That is, from underneath.)

    I guess you can tell I like to eat fish, and I don’t like to kill it myself 🙂

  16. Without any doubt an European Bee-eater !

    Summer in south Europe, winter in Africa ! 🙂

  17. Not sure I would want to be a bird……except for the flying !

  18. That’s some tale of a tail! Lovely bird in your symphony in blue.

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