Most people dislike snakes.  I am not sure if it’s an old testament thing or a slithery, scary, cold-blooded, bitey thing, but either way few folk will go out of their way to embrace them.  So imagine my surprise to see the Snake Bridge crossing six-lanes of Route I-10 in downtown Tucson, Arizona.  Only in the desert southwest would this be possible.  Complete with fangs, diamondback and the tail with its rattle sticking straight up into the sky, this beauty may be the only one you can get out of…alive….

Would you walk into the belly of a snake?

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15 responses to “Skywatch

  1. That’s a wonderfully imaginative bridge! I am not sure I would use it, although that has nothing to do with the fact that it is shaped like a snake. It has more to do with the 6 lanes of traffic below! Not sure I need to experience that at this point in my live LOL

    Happy SWF!

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  2. What an amazing structure! I would probably appreciate it from afar but could not go into it!

  3. That is really cool! Really interesting architecture!

  4. Oh, my! I’ve had snakes slither between my feet on a hillside before, but never found myself invited to walk willingly into one’s maw.

    Great SkyWatch Friday post, Bev!

  5. Very, very cool! Photos are wonderful. Thank you.

  6. Way cool! Thanks for sharing.

    But no, if there were any way I could avoid it (including driving 100 miles out of my way) I would. I have a serious fear of heights.

    But I like snakes! I move 3-4 every time I mow the lawn in the summertime! Snakes are good.

  7. Great Sky Watch photos! Thanks for sharing that interesting bridge!

    The White House

  8. Oh, wow – what fun!

  9. My gosh – I can’t imagine – but that’s a beautiful sky and great shot w/ the trees hanging in view

    Happy Sky Watching

  10. t

    Sure I’ll walk in.

  11. It is pretty grotesque to say the least.
    At first I thought it was a save the wild life bridge, for the snakes to safely cross a major highway. It seems I was mistaken What will they think o next?

  12. that is a great bridge. My son would love this one.

  13. emma

    wow it’s beautiful i like it….

  14. araceli vaargas

    My daughters father Genaro Vargas and his Martin Vargas brother and Alvaro, billed this bautifull brige!!!

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