Bird Photography Weekly

The first time I spotted a Gray Jay I was in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Ah, I remember it well.  I had been in Denver for a business trip and had a few hours to kill so I drove to the park to look around.  I saw Mountain Chickadees and a female Sage Grouse too.  It was pretty cool.  I really need to get back there.  This bird I saw in Alaska in the mountains due east of Anchorage.

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10 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. Beautiful little Jay. I haven’t seen one yet. I look forward to that day. 🙂

  2. Wonderful shot of the Gray Jay. Beautiful little birds, we are a bit too south of their range to see them here.

    Good birding to you!

  3. Nice shot of a bird I’ll probably never see up close and personal.

  4. Nice photo of an interesting bird.

  5. What a beautiful photo of the jay against that crisp blue sky. Very nice!

  6. Oooo. I’d love to see a Gray Jay. So lovely.

  7. Nice shot against that blue sky! Always a great bird, as any would be in Alaska!

  8. Red

    Very nice shot 🙂 Ahhh, Alaska.

  9. I have not been far enough west to see one. Pity.

  10. modestoviegas

    Very good shot!

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