White-tailed Deer


I peered through the fog out my kitchen window to find I had a visitor to my feeding station.  I hustled out onto the deck yelling and flapping a kitchen towel.  All she did was look up as she chewed.  While my neighbor is complaining about mauranding bands of turkeys, I have a much bigger issue.  With a yard full of oaks, I usually have buckets and buckets of acorns that will sustain the wildlings all winter.  This year, the acorn crop is non-existent.  Sigh, I think this doe and her fawn will be visiting a lot.

Meanwhile, the birds were all sitting in the trees waiting for her to leave.  Do you have much of an acorn crop by you?


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2 responses to “White-tailed Deer

  1. Last year, we could hardly walk through the yard for slipping on all the acorns. This year, nary a one. Scary. Even the trees are affected by the nation’s recession and saving their resources.

  2. Love your deer photo even though I hear your sigh. I’ve been amazed this year with the bounty of nuts, berries, seeds here in TN and I read that yours are not so great. Such different cycles in different parts of the country.

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