Skywatch-Baby Porcupine


Hey, pull over!  What is that?  Over there, in that tree?  We all stared perplexed at the lump.  We got out of the car and crossed the road to get a better view.  Holy mackeral, it was a baby porcupine eating the twigs of a sapling willow.  It was the cutest thing.  I had never seen a baby one before.  Then we noticed mama (or papa) in a sturdier tree by the car starting to inch down backward.   We decided to leave before there was an incident.  Part of being outdoors is seeing the unexpected.  Cool, huh.

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17 responses to “Skywatch-Baby Porcupine

  1. Like you, I have never seen a baby porcupine. This is the cutest darned thing ever! And a great shot in the bare tree with such a lovely blue sky behind it all.

  2. Oh yeah, that is way cool! Great photo against the big blue sky.

  3. Fantastically cool. My son is impressed that something that big could be in so small a tree. 🙂

  4. I have never seen one in the wild. Very cool.

  5. What a cutie and I never thought they could appear in the sky.

  6. what a cute photo…the little fellow looks so soft and cuddly…great shot.

  7. I’ve never seen one either. How cool!!!

  8. I am always excited to see a porcupine. I don’t know what it is about them that captures my attention. Maybe just that I don’t see many of them, and they run away when you get close(ish) to them.

  9. I mean’t they don’t run away…did I say that?

  10. Good shot!!!
    excellent work!

  11. Over the top cute. Really.

  12. It’s so adorable you almost want to snuggle with it! Almost . . .

  13. Adorable! Thanks for sharing – thanks to you, I now know what a baby porcupine looks like. What a fun experience!

  14. Adorable photo. What a fun encounter. I have seen a juvenile ground hog in a young tree like this. But I’ve never seen a porcupine in the wild. Fun to share your experience.

  15. A zookeeper friend of mine recently was zinged by porcupine she was caring for. One of the barbs went clear through her arm and out the other side–gotta be wary of those cuddly thangs….

  16. Awesome Find! I’ve only seen one porcupine in this region while hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail. I wish they were more common in these parts. Thanks for posting this cool animal.

  17. Marinell Turnage

    We had this same experience but had no idea what it was. Had long hair/fur, not quills, so we weren’t sure it was a porcupine, but it looked almost the same as your picture.

    Any idea what this is?  Notice claws.

    After posting it on flickr, some people suggested it was a baby porcupine.

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