Thanksgiving Turkey Special

All Turkeys are not the same.  According to Clements Checklist of Birds of the World, there are 6 subspecies of Wild Turkey; 4 of them in the US, the other 2 in Mexico.  I have only seen 3 of the US ones.


Meleagris gallopavo merriami — the Western bird–in this case taken in SE Arizona.  Notice the white tail stripe.

Meleagris gallopavo intermedia from North Texas to e-central Mexico–here’s one at King Ranch


Meleagris gallopavo silvestris is in the Central and Eastern US-my local bird.  Interested in hearing them gobble?  Check this out.

The other one is Meleagris gallopavo osceola an extremely local Florida bird. Huh, I never even knew there were turkeys in Florida.


Today, your turkey, like mine, will no doubt be the oven-roasted domestic variety.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Check out these other Turkey posts from around the blogosphere:

You have to go to Egret’s Nest.  She has great photos and can really talk turkey.  No, really.

Picus Blog has a Turkey pic up today.

BirdGuides Blog’s description of the local UK bird is spot-on and true in many parts of the US too.

Great Turkey pictures and Naked Thanksgiving over at Birdchick.

Musings on Nature did a Turkey program at the park and has pictures.

BirdFreak offers us a turkey photo and a plea for any leftovers.

Thanksgiving wishes from the Birder’s Report along with a shot of a spectacular Tom.

Bill of the Birds has great close-ups of face and feathers.


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6 responses to “Thanksgiving Turkey Special

  1. “I never even knew there were turkeys in Florida.”

    Oh, Bev, don’t feed us straight lines like that.

  2. I believe there are many species of “turkeys” in NJ. I can name several without even trying….

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Loving all the turkey pics today! 🙂 This was a GREAT idea! Bill of the Birds also had a great pic of a turkey head today.

  4. Meleagris gallopavo silvestris (plus many of those alluded to by deejbrown) are our local turkeys too.

  5. Hey Bev, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Great captures of the different subspecies. As wren alluded to, I think we have “turkeys” in every state 😉

    You can see my Wild Turkey by clicking on my name. Have a super day all!

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