Chickadee demise


Oooooh! I’m hopping mad.  Some local marauding feline has eaten one of MY Chickadees!  I found 2 bedraggled wings when I came home last night.  I have seen a few sleek well-cared for suspects.  All, I’m sure, are much-loved house cats that their owners let out.  The first time I noticed I might have a problem is when I saw a huge cat that was the spitting image of my Tonka (who was safely ensconced in the house).  I panicked thinking he had somehow gotten out.  It turns out not, but it gave me a start and a sinking feeling.  Why anyone would let their cats out up here on the mountain is beyond me.  We have not only bears, but fox, bobcat, coyote, and owls not to mention ‘coon and ‘possum that can be terrors when cornered and come out fighting.  The dangers are real.

As a cat lover and owner of 4 indoor well-fed, kitties who are living the life of Riley, I beg you keep your cats indoors.  Even well-fed cats will hunt birds and other small critters.  Millions of birds are killed every year because of predation.  It breaks my heart that I am trying to make my property a sanctuary for birds by offering shelter, water and food only to put the birds’ lives at risk by having it invaded by the local serial-killer.



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6 responses to “Chickadee demise

  1. Well said. I hate seeing stray cats in the neighborhood. I too have an indoor only cat and it is disgusting that people willingly let them roam free.

  2. The other benefit to Ruby keeping the rats and squirrels at bay is that cats don’t venture into our yard and can’t get at my birds.

  3. I live in the middle of a huge metropolitan area, so the threats to cats aren’t as great–which is probably why so many of the people in this neighborhood seem to think it’s okay to let their cats roam at will. This infuriates me since I, too, make every effort to provide a haven for wildlife on my property. There are at least seven cats that seem to think of my property as “home”. Fortunately their skills as hunters seem to be a bit lacking, but it still breaks my heart to come home to disjointed wings and drifts of feathers.

    I’ve often wondered why the laws concerning pets vary so greatly between dogs and cats. Dogs aren’t allowed to roam at will, and they’re supposed to be vaccinated against disease. Why not the same for cats?

  4. We have laws now in LA that all pets must be spayed and have tags. Doesn’t work yet, of course, and fines are minimal.

    But I do complain to owners about cats outside without a bell, or outside, period. Did you know that Cat Fancy won’t publish any photos of cats outside? They get tons, but they won’t. They’re always warning about how unhealthy it is for cats. Cats get diseases (is it distemper that pregnant women have to be concerned with?) and all kinds of things from the soil and other cats. They get injured all the time.

    They also get killed. A cat across the street got headless from a raccoon or coyote or something.

    See, my strategy is first to warn them that the cat is in trouble. Because that works better than the birds and mice in trouble. (and vole, and a skink I saw get his spinal cord bitten by a cat and then flop in agony all over the street until I ran out screaming at the cat. But too late for the skink.)

    The cat doesn’t always kill the animal – they just snap its neck or spinal cord, so it dies in agony. I don’t usually pick up wild animals, but a bird rolled over in front of my moving car, and I slammed on the breaks and saw it wasn’t moving properly. I took it in and called rescues which weren’t available on a Sunday. Then I decided to just let it rest. It lived for about 8 hours, arching its back in agony every 10 minutes, peeping in pain. Once I realized it was having seizures, I realized what pain it was in. Of course, it only took an hour or so until I started crying uncontrollably, and then I wondered if I should put it out of its misery, which made me cry much much more. I couldn’t do it, and I was scared to ask my new neighbors.

    I did pray the whole time. It was horrible.

    Outside cats are the farthest from nature and natural you could ever get and I tell people off every time I see an owner.

  5. Great post! A cat owner’s vet bill will also be substantially lower when you remove the added expenses of treating treating bite wounds, abscesses and broken bodies. Plus, no worries about fleas and ticks and icks in the house (from the cat anyway); only a warm, sweet body curled up in your lap on a cold winter afternoon, while the birds flutter safely at your filled feeder.

  6. Agreed. I have two indoor cats. Half of the backyard is fenced off, and I do let them go out there from time to time, but there is nothing to attract birds there, so I feel okay about it.

    We do have a bully cat in the neighborhood, we call him Mr. B. I’m sure he belongs to someone, but he’s always walking the streets, checking out his territory.

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