Bird Photography Weekly-Steller’s Jay


While I was waiting around to see the Rosy-finches at the Sandia Crest House, there were two Steller’s Jays trying to hog the feeder-typical of jays everywhere, I suppose.  The bullies (said with affection).  One of the Jays, flew over to a tree to contemplate the vista, which was pretty spectacular since it is at 10,678 ft.  You can just see his white forehead marks indicating that he is of the interior west sub-species.  Doesn’t he look contemplative?

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14 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly-Steller’s Jay

  1. Fantastic blog. The photographs are excellent and so is the accompanying text. I have saved your blog as favourites. Will definitely visit you more often.

  2. TR

    Magnificent capture of an equally magnificent bird.

  3. Excellent shot! I’ve never been able to see one this close.

  4. Amy

    I love this photo. Steller’s Jays were one of my favorite birds to look for while on childhood vacations in Colorado.

  5. Gorgeous. Giving himself a good long think. They are wonderful birds. Drive us nuts with their noise but I love them. I still get excited thinking about the successful nest on my front porch last spring. Awesome creatures.

  6. Very nice mood on the photo. Are the rosy finches coming now to the feeders?

  7. Hi Bob,
    Yes, the Rosies are coming to feeders everyday now.

  8. It does look like he is enjoying that expansive view.

  9. Very beautiful bird. Nice photo. :)))

  10. I saw my first Steller’s jay in NM this summer. What a character! Lovely image.

  11. I wouldn’t mind sitting where he is. Beautiful picture of a beautiful bird. And I bet you weren’t even behind glass to get this one. The only stellar’s pic I have I took behind glass. But it turned out okay.

  12. He reminds me of Alfalfa from the little rascals with that hair.

  13. Hair, duuuuh, sorry, feathers.

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