Birding in a Blizzard


Tufted Titmouse


Black-capped Chickadee


Slate-colored Junco

A blizzard has struck the northeast.  We are predicted to get 12 inches of snow.  I did not go to work, so I sat snug and dry in my garage  taking pictures of my local backyard flock hustling for food.  Garages make great DRY bird blinds.


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10 responses to “Birding in a Blizzard

  1. What a super way to spend an unexpected free day.

    I’m sure there will lots of hungry little birds flocking to your feeders the next few days. Take lots of pix. 🙂

  2. Nice pictures! I’m sure your feeders will get a lot of work in the next few days.

    Having lived in Georgia for the past couple of years we are beginning to miss seeing the snow on the ground (but not driving or having to shovel it)!

  3. I love the photo of the snow capped chickadee….

  4. Nice way to get pics of these “snow birds” without becoming a snowman yourself – with excellent results I might add!

  5. Birds with feathers don’t seem to mind the weather.

  6. Nice photos–you must have had fun with that!

  7. Louise

    Great pix. I think you could use the titmouse if you cann’t get the cardinals.

  8. Wow, what wintery photos! Birds some how look so fluffed up and warm when its snowing. I love the photos with powder on their feathers.
    “Dry bird blind”…not that’s a great use for a garage!

  9. Snow update: We got 17″ over 3 days. The birds were so much happier when the sun finally came out late yesterday afternoon. Heck, I was happy too.

  10. Barbara

    Lovely photos – there is something so captivating about birds and nature surrounded in snow – perfect tranquility. Thanks for sharing!

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