Bird Photography Weekly-Gray-headed Junco


I love that Juncos come in flavors.  Hmmmm, that sorta sounds like a Popsicle, but you know what I mean.  Here in the east, we have only one type of Dark-eyed Junco, the Slate-colored one.  But in the west, there are several colorful variations: Oregon, Pink-sided, White-winged, Gray-headed and Red-backed.

This one is a Gray-headed Junco.  See the reddish back and the soft gray head and chest.  The Red-backed Junco is very similar except that the bill is bi-colored.  Trust me, I checked out every Junco that was there, probably more than once, trying to make one of these into a Red-backed.  But nothing doin’.

Another fun fact, you know that Juncos are actually Sparrows, right?

What kind of Juncos do you have?

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8 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly-Gray-headed Junco

  1. Juncos, for their plain colors, are very beautiful. So soft.

  2. Since I live in the east, you know what kind of juncos I see. But I did have the fun of seeing this same variety in NM this summer. I was also surprised at the variety of chickadees they have there!

  3. Red

    Isn’t it fun trying to fit your bird into a neat little description? Ok, fun isn’t the right word, but I sure know how that goes.

    Very nice pic. Too bad it has to dig through the snow to get it’s seed.

  4. I have Oregon Juncos. I love them. They are so sweet! Check out their cuteness:

  5. Omigosh! My last post included this very bird! I thought it was one of the rosy finches at Sandia Crest, and here it’s a gray-headed junco! No wonder I couldn’t ID the bird. I should have known since one of my photos shows the white edges around its tail. Boy! Am I embarrassed! Thanks, Bev, for posting this. And Merry Christmas!

  6. hi beverly-
    i’m going to figure out what kind of juncos i have tomorrow morning (Christmas). we only get them in the winter, and i know that some are darker than others. no, i did not know they were sparrows! thanks for the info.

  7. What juncos don’t we get here? We get slate-colored, oregon, pink-sided (haven’t seen), gray-headed (haven’t seen), maybe a very rare and limited white-winged (never seen). We don’t get red-backed, but not many states do.

  8. Hi there. I love the Juncos and even though the Cardinal has been my favorite bird since I was a child (fav color red of course), the Juncos are fast out pacing that. Just like fine china with delicate painting. I love them.

    I have Oregon, “Cassiar’s”, 1 Gray-headed, many Pink-sided and a few Slate-colored. A guest feeder of a White-winged comes in occasionally.

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