♫ Found a peanut ♫


♪ Found a peanut… ♪


♪ Found a peanut… ♪


♪ Found a peanut, just now… ♫


♪ I just now, found a peanut… ♫


♪ Found a peanut, just now. ♪


Heh, heh,   ♪ Me too…. ♪


Hey!  No fair.  They are mine!!!!  Grumble, grumble.  Stupid squirrel peanut thief….

Do you know the “Found a Peanut” song? It is what I thought of while watching the Jays on this sunny but -10F morning.  Stay warm my friends.


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11 responses to “♫ Found a peanut ♫

  1. JDenney

    Thanks for posting your pictures…you made some really good ones. Here at our place, we don’t have a watchdog, we just use the blue jays. It something goes amiss, they are quick to sound an alarm.


  2. What fun, and highly believable sentiments from all involved.

  3. SusanLM4

    Never heard the Peanut song before but will now never get it out of my head! Our Blue Jays and squirrels “share” the peanuts here, too, with much the same attitude. Great pictures!

  4. Larry Sheldon

    I have not thought of the song for 50 years, I’ll bet.

    Notice the las picture–the bird has two.

    I don’t know how they do that!

    Our Jays weigh each peanut, picking the heaviest. Every once in a while one gets carried to the side of the platform and pitched over the side as if to avoid wasting time on it again.

    Nice photography!

  5. The Titmice are the more discerning peanut connoisseurs here.

  6. Red

    That’s hilarious! Look at that jay being a pig 🙂 There’s more than enough sweetie… just ask the lady behind the bins. She’ll buy more.

  7. Oh! One of my favorite posts! I’ll be singing that song all night! My oh my, your new camera is suiting you!

  8. What a funny post! I feed the birds with a peanut feeder but I had never thought to put whole peanuts out for them. Since we have a bag of them (unsalted) that no one is eating I’ll have to give it a try.

    Hopefully you’ll warm up a bit today. It’s been awfully cold here in New Hampshire too but at least we made it into the low teens in the past couple days. Woohoo, a heat wave! lol!

  9. I’ve already commented on this, but I hafta tell ya how much this makes me smile! It is so you and the beauty you offer this world….
    “Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut, just now…..”

  10. I loved this post. Great pictures. Great song. And that squirrel taking off with a peanut is perfect.

  11. Nice works, crisp and lots of details.

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