Sparrows in Winter


Drive along any back road in winter and you will flush birds up from the sides of the road where they are eating grit.  Most often they are Juncos and Sparrows, but I always stop and look if I can, ever hopeful that there be something else in those mixed flocks.  (I got my life Vesper Sparrow that way in Michigan.)  On my last trip through the snowy countryside, I saw lots of small brown birds but as I crept up to them they would fly just a little further ahead or flush into the weeds.  Finally I was able to ID White-throated, White-crowned, Song, Savannah, and Juncos picking along on both sides of the road.  I truly am fond of Sparrows.


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4 responses to “Sparrows in Winter

  1. I think they’re fun too. I’ve had lots of juncos coming down from the mountains and a white-throated sparrow that is hanging out in the yard. At least I only see one at a time.

  2. The odd thing is that I only have Tree Sparrows at the feeder. I did have up to 3 Fox Sparrows in early winter but they have move on. When we had the bad storms I got maybe 2 White-throated Sparrows. Perhaps I am too deep in the woods. Of course, I have Juncos in spades.

  3. Howdee…
    i just took a sparrow id workshop today…I too love sparrows..but I need to learn to Id them better…
    lots to learn!

  4. I had a sparrow epiphany a few years ago and now am quite fond of them. Now if that could only happen with the darned gulls.

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