Bird Photography Weekly


I am having a uber-weird iphoto crisis with my IMAC, so let me offer you a Ruddy Turnstone that I happened to have stashed on my desktop.  I took this a few weeks ago while I was walking on the jetty at Barnegat Light.  Even in their winter plumage, you tell at a glance what this is.  Have you ever seen them actually flipping stones?  It is the coolest thing.

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9 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. A very interesting photo. I have yet to see that bird but I thought that they migrated further south for the winter?

  2. Nice perspective in this shot. We mostly see them like this in their non-breeding plumage – still lovely nonetheless.

  3. Is that right about turning over stones? I had no idea, but I bet it is cool to watch.

  4. Nice Ruddy photo…I have never seen them turning stones..I will look for it next time i see them.

  5. Very nice shot of the Ruddy Bev! I have never seen them “turning stones” but I hope to observe that behavior at some point. Do you have any photos of these guys flipping stones?

  6. I do have some photos of them turning stones. I’ll dig them up and post them.

  7. I’d love to seem them turning stones as well. Cute little bird!

  8. We have them here also not very common at all.

  9. Red

    I’ve never seen the Ruddy, but I did see a Black Turnstone messing with a starfish on a boulder. That was odd.

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