Bird Photography Weekly


I have just started to hear reports of Redpolls being seen here and there at feeders; even one sighting of a flock of  “hundreds” eating gravel near me on Clinton Road .  I haven’t see any this winter, but, they may have skipped me and are on the way to you.  Keep an eye out for me, will ya?  And if you have any, I will gladly trade Pine Siskins for one.  Siskins I have in spades.

To see other birds, hop on over to BirdFreak’s Bird Photography Weekly.


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9 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. I’d be happy for some Siskins. 🙂 Send them my way, would you?

  2. The birds we want to see we don’t! Its all part of the fun and frustration of birding!

  3. It is nice when you see them in big numbers.

  4. Red

    Well, I don’t have either. Want a house finch in trade? Today I counted 12 in the tree outside my bathroom. At least they have a nice chirp.

    Was hoping one was a Siskin, but nope… just wishful thinking.

  5. Too bad we don’t see redpolls out here either. Like Red, we’ve got tons of House Finches around also.
    Don’t give up yet.. those redpolls might still show up.

  6. Hi Bev. No Redpolls here in California, Common or Hoary. I do have a plethora of Pine Siskins though. It seems like a good year for them as well as Lesser Goldfinches and House Finches.

    I love them all and will be happy to count them this coming week for the GBBC!

    Nice photo of the Redpoll too Bev!

  7. I want ’em all! Have been keeping an eye out for the Redpolls!

  8. I’ve got plenty of Siskins here as well. But no Redpolls. Nice picture of that little birdy.

  9. Lots of siskins around here in eastern upstate NY but not so many redpolls. They’ll be here en masse next year!
    I’ll take a Carolina Wren if we’re trading….

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