Downy Woodpecker


Have you ever seen this before?  Look at those 2, count them, 2, red patches.  When I first saw him, I thought maybe he was something else, but no, look at that small bill.  He is definitely a Downy; but a bird with a different sense of style. If one red patch is good then two must be better.  Oooo, but I bet he is a killer with the ladies.


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6 responses to “Downy Woodpecker

  1. I have seen this before. If I am not mistaken, it may be a first winter male. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Fun observation. I think these guys are so cute!

  3. Very cool Bev. I think John is right. I was wondering if it was an immature bird. He looks so small. 1st year male would fill the bill.

  4. Ya know that thought did occur to me too. I had a Downy pipsqueak hanging around back in the summer. I wonder if the spots will grown together.

  5. Red

    he’s adorable 🙂 if i were a woodpecker…

  6. What I find really interesting is that the nuchal patch on Hairy Woodpeckers is actually divided like that (although not as wide a divide). I don’t believe I have encountered this on a Downy either!

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