New Technology for the Traveling Birder

I have to tell you about this wickedly cool thing I saw at the conference.  I went to a roundtable on photography and web 2.0.  You know I use a lot of photos on my blog so if there is anything that can make that easier for me I want to know about it.  I saw a demonstration of a wireless memory card for a digital camera.  It sends images instantly from the camera to your favorite photosharing websites like Flickr or directly to your computer.  It is like Polaroid for the digital age.  Instant gratification!  And no cables requiered.  There was a photographer taking pictures all day and they were instantly loading into Flickr and he could share them immediately through a slide show.  It was slick.  Of coures, I had to have one.  So I now own a 2GB Eye-Fi card.  I can’t wait to get home to set it up.  WOOT!  Soon enough you can all see my pictures in real time from wherever I am on the planet.


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7 responses to “New Technology for the Traveling Birder

  1. I’ve been eyeing that (pun intended) for ages but, honestly, I don’t trust that it will work. So, thanks for being the guinea pig . . .let me know how it works.

  2. Ages? It has been around for ages? I am so hopelessly out of the loop. I’ll let you know the poop.

  3. Red

    LOL… yes, it’s been around a least a couple of years now. I never did get one though. Great idea, but for me, I take soooo many photos, you all would see my dups, triplicates and so on… not to mention the horrible duds that come out.

  4. Well I’ve never heard of it either so you aren’t the only one out of the loop ; ) I’m going to check it out though! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Wheee! Another gadget to learn and play with! Looking forward to seeing how it works!

  6. I am behind in all aspects of technology it seems. It sounds really cool though and would be curious to know if it works. One of my biggest frustrations with taking photos is having to hook them up to my computer. Half the time I have to redo it because the software runs out of memory! Grrr.

  7. Dan

    I saw a video podcast (tekzilla) about this, and all the card allows you to do is to transmit to a device that is WiFi enabled. It will not automatically upload them to flickr from the field. If you carry a laptop with you with an EDVO card, or some sort of broadband connection, you CAN accomplish that.

    Now there are Wifi hotspots it can locate and connect to, but I doubt you’ll find many out in the wild. 🙂

    Another idea would be to get a Netbook with EDVO. They are small, light weight and should provide the routing for a WiFi upload.

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