Bird Photography Weekly – Least Grebe


Meet Life Bird #612. This is one of the Least Grebes that was hanging around the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.  I saw it on the auto loop around Moccasin Pond. Look at that orange eye.


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13 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly – Least Grebe

  1. Great capture! I remember how thrilled we were to see it for the first time in the LRGV last year.

  2. Was this a recent sighting, or was 612 a while back?

    Very cool. Love that piercing eye.

  3. Interesting bird and great photo.

  4. Very nice looking bird. Another one I have not seen yet.

  5. sparverius, #612 was recent. I saw it in Texas.

  6. Nice captures! Thanks for dropping by to help with my id on the sapsucker I shot. I have more on the computer that I am working on getting posted, so drop by again. Appreciate the more experienced eyes.

  7. It is so much fun to see these grebes! I love the eyes too. I am must get a camera for my birding adventures. I feel I am missing something here but I never did before. Just the birds were enough. Now comes the compelling call to share. 612 is nice.

  8. Great shot, Bev. I have no grebes on my list as of yet. Hopefully this weekend… (I’ve been studying all the different species you listed from your San Bernard trip, so I’ll be able to ID as many as possible!)

  9. Love it!

    The Horned Grebes that winter here are fun to watch. Sometimes they get into a fight over seaworms that another Grebe has.

  10. Super capture Bev! That look in that birds eye is familiar to me. It looks like he’s saying, “I see you behind that camera, I’m just going to head over to the other side of the pond.”

    I love the National Wildlife Refuges too. I seems like there are so many great photo ops just on the auto loops alone.

  11. Red

    Why, hello #612

    Cute little things. I’ll have to go down to Monterey Bay looking for similar grebes with their babies this spring. That would be an awesome photo.

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