Skywatch-Great Horned Owl


Screeeeeeech!  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  (The sound of squealing brakes and gravel under the tires as we pulled off the road.)

I don’t often see owls and only twice in my life have I seen them just hanging around on the side of the road.  The first time was in Utah at dusk and this time I as in the Talkeetna mountains outside of Anchorage, and as you can see, it was a miserible damp cloudy day.  Up here in the woods, I have seen owls at night going about their day, or night, in this case, flying across the road, but not on poles along the road.  Have you seen owls do this?

To see other skies and things in them, check out Skywatch.


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9 responses to “Skywatch-Great Horned Owl

  1. Awesome Skywatch, Bev!
    What a wonderful sighting 🙂

  2. I think the owl is stealing the scene, as well he might.

  3. Love the composition! Great photo for Skywatch friday.

  4. What a beautiful pic!
    Thanks for your comment on my sky SkywatcherFr.


  5. Wow – lucky you didn’t skid off the road altogether with a wonderful sight like this! You have to be extra good and really lucky to find them.

  6. jewwishes

    What a beautiful photograph! How lucky for you!

    I saw an owl on my backyard deck about two years ago, but didn’t go get my camera, because I knew by the time I returned to the window, he would be gone.

    He left within seconds of my seeing him.

  7. Never mind about the rubber on the road, that is a great capture!

  8. maryrestaino

    I’ve never seen an owl in person, thanks for sharing this.

  9. Great capture! Always neat to see owls.

    I saw an owl on a fencepost last fall. Not the best capture, but a pretty big guy.

    I had a burrowing owl in my backyard a few months ago and then have captured a pair of them a few miles away, just a few feet off the road. Look in the “All Creatures” gallery on my photo site if you want to see some of the better shots of the burrowing owls. 🙂

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