Bird Photography Weekly – Sora


It always feels so special to see a rail.  But unlike many of them, this Sora was totally brazen; walking across open water in full view to get from grassy clump to grassy clump.  When it disappeared into the reeds and did not emerge, I drove on, only to see another one slinking among the grasses close to the bank.  The very first time I saw one it was doing something similar; walking in and out of the reeds in full view at Unit 1 at Salton Sea.  Even though they are wide-spread, I see and hear them less than other rails.    In fact, this is only the third time in 20 years that I have seen one.  Good thing they are so distinctive looking.  Meet life bird 467.


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16 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly – Sora

  1. Nice photo. This would be a life bird for me. Love the way you describe their personalities.

  2. Great photo of a swimming (!) Sora. They are such skulkers that it is always difficult to photograph them.

  3. Great photo! Its always exciting to get good views of a new bird.

  4. Lucky you! Hoping to add this one to my list in 2009. Beautiful photo!

  5. Red

    Fascinating bird with such a short name. It’s very beautiful.

  6. The bird is beautiful and one I have not heard of. Congrats on your lifer!

  7. Great view only see rails for a quick look and then they are gone.

  8. I saw my first Sora in 2004 when I took my sister to Salton Sea for the first time. It was a good view but not a close one like this. The rail I see most often is the Clapper-quite common at Brigantine and Jake’s Landing.

  9. I’d LOVE to see one of these. Totally Life Bird for me!

  10. I have only seen a rail swim once, and that was a clapper rail. The only sora I have seen was dead.

  11. Bev, I don’t know what to say. I would kill for a shot like that! Seeing a Sora would be a life bird for me too. I have only heard them and the same for the Virginia Rail. Neither one of them has ever come out in the open for me.

    Gorgeous capture! Congrats on 467!

  12. Oh, wow! Great catch and I love the photo. And no I’m not jealous. Not one bit. No, not me.

  13. A wonderful photo of a beautiful bird. I love seeing other folks’ pictures of the water birds – I see so few of them here, and then not much more than a mallard, canada goose or great blue heron. Thanks for stopping by my page!

  14. Great shot of the Sora, Bev! This is one that I was really hoping to see at San Bernard, but we never did spot any. We actually encountered a much smaller number of shorebirds than anyone in the group expected, possibly because of the strong winds?

  15. Such a nice looking bird.

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