Grebes in Winter Wear



Grebes are similar looking in winter.  Can you tell the difference?  Which one is the Eared and which is the Horned?  tick. tick. tick… Leave the answer in the comments and tell me why.  You may use your book.  You may begin now.  (I always wanted to be a proctor.)


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8 responses to “Grebes in Winter Wear

  1. dpesek

    Top pic — horned
    Bottom pic — eared (eared has “bump” toward front of head, different pattern on flanks (more white, looks like it rides higher in the water)

  2. Rob Biller (xyon42)


    Horned Grebe – distinct contrast from white to black on face (no bleeding). Looks like “clean” white neck. Where white and black meet on the face is almost a straight line over.


    Eared Grebe – more of a “dirty” black neck, darker cheeks.

  3. Amy

    The top one is the Horned because it has more white on the cheeks. Thank you, proctor, for allowing use of field guide.

  4. I’m pretty sure the top pic is the Horned Grebe, with the Eared Grebe below. The Eared Grebe has dark ear areas in its non-breeding plumage with white on the chin and behind the dark ear patches. The Horned Grebe sports white cheeks that extend straight backward to the nape.

    By the way, I finally got my San Bernard post up with a few pictures. Didn’t get a single non-blurry shot of the Least Grebe, but did get a half-decent one of a Pied-billed.

  5. Horned is the top picture, Eared below it. Although similar the eclipse Horned has more extensive white, sort of like a miniature Western Grebe. The eared also has a small crest.

  6. You are all so smart! Maybe this was too easy….. Taps lip with finger…. Let me see….

  7. I agree with all the ones that got this right…tee hee

  8. Yup; what every one said (and I was there when you first ID’s them!)

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