Happy Spring!


At last spring has sprung and I am teasing you with the joy of birds to come.  The first wablers I see are usually Palm Warblers. And that won’t be for another few weeks.  But my friends, they are coming.


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5 responses to “Happy Spring!

  1. Happy Spring! I’m still trying to overcome my case of SWISS (Spring Warbler Identification Stress Syndrome), but looking forward to it all the same.

    So now that it’s officially spring, have y’all begun to thaw yet?

  2. Red

    LOL @ Kyle’s description 🙂

    Happy Spring Bev! It’s a coming everywhere… despite the snow in NYC right after Al Roker said it must be spring. ha ha!

  3. Happy Spring…
    Nice Yellow rumped Warbler Photo! I love seeing that little yellow square on their hind..

  4. What a beautiful shot of the Palm Warbler! I’m jealous – I’ve been walking into the woods every day waiting patiently to capture a shot of the teeny flitting warblers I’ve heard and seen. I see them, but my camera has only been capturing “rump only” angles – lol!

    Happy Spring!

  5. Sia

    Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing that.

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