New-fangled Approach to Eating Duckweed

common moorhen

Common Moorhens eat aquatic vegetation, as well as snails, worms, berries and fruit.  Normally I see them picking along at the edge of the reeds.  When I came across several paddling around in a pond covered in duckweed, it was sort of cool looking, so I stopped to take a picture. I noticed that one of them was tilting his head and laying it almost flat on the water to eat the duckweed.  Not for nuthin’ but that is a pretty smart bird.  It has figured out that you get more by the sideways approach rather they the straight down approach.  I only saw the one bird do it.  Amazing the things ya see.


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8 responses to “New-fangled Approach to Eating Duckweed

  1. Red

    Very innovative bird… I’ll bet it will attract the ladies with that… well, if it’s a male of course, lol!

  2. Cool looking photo. At first, I thought it was a dead Moorhens laying on some surface.

    What a smart bird to feed like that.

  3. Oh my – that’s so neat! What a great photo! Smart bird indeed. He has the appearance of being very relaxed in that dining position, too. I wonder if you will possibly begin to see other Moorhens taking this “easy street – sideways” dining position.

  4. That is a really cool photo… excellent job!

  5. does look like the bird is lying there dead…Cool photo…I love the contrast of the duckweed and the bill.

  6. Looks like he ran out of straws but wanted to slurp up that last bit.

  7. Great capture. A more efficient eating method, but the Moorhen may end up needing to visit its chiropractor.

  8. I guess that Moorhen isn’t so common after all! Great catch, Bev.

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