Bird Photography Weekly



In the distance from atop some weeds a rusty hinge squeaked out 3 notes.  

♪Me. Me. Me. ♪  

I looked around perplexed.  It did not sound like anything I knew, yet, there was something familiar about the 3 creaky notes.  Like an opera diva warming up.  

♪Me. Me. Me. ♪  

When I got closer I saw it was a Sparrow croaking out the 3 notes again and again.  It is something I never thought of before, but makes sense.  Like anything else, if you don’t use your voice for a while you know how rusty it becomes.  Maybe it’s the same for birds.  Are at least it was for this bird.  He just repeated the same 3 notes over and over.  

♪ Maids.  Maids. Maids. ♪

As I walked by I sang under my breath, ♬ put on your teakettle,leddle,leddle. ♬


Ooooh, if looks could kill….

To see other birds and not get the evil eye, check out Bird Photography Weekly.


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7 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. One white-throat to another?

  2. Too cute! How did you do those musical notes? Very cool!

  3. The musical notes are from the Twitter Keys pad. You can get it at

  4. Jay

    How cute! I love the “put on your teakettle leddle leddle”

  5. You captured exactly the notes of the Song Sparrow!

  6. I think I’ve seen that expression before. “Excuuuuse me, but who’s the Song Sparrow here?”

    Wonderful BPW post, Bev!

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