Brekkie with a Willet


Hmmmm, What’s this?  Looks Snacky.


You’ll ‘cuse me if I don’t talk with my mouf full.  (editorial note — cute willet tongue — can you see it?)


I will not puke this back up.  Gulp * swallow* gulp*  Work it, work it.  I’m dyin’ here.


Whew. I think I strained something.


Hmmm, still peckish.  Wonder what else I can find to eat.


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4 responses to “Brekkie with a Willet

  1. So what did the Willet just swallowed? Looks hard to digest.

    Excellent captures of the moment.

  2. Great commentary..that was fun!
    Loved all the photos and the tongue!

  3. Red

    I did see the tongue 🙂

    Yeah, that little thing doesn’t look like it would satisfy an itty bitty bird, let alone a Willet. Hope it found more to eat.

    I’ve only noticed them in shallow waters, never on the beach. Then again, I rarely go to a beach, mostly lakes and marshes.

  4. Hola Bev

    Great pictures and good story. Have yet to see the toungue, cause the screen is too small on my blackberry!
    I am experimenting with Free Range RSS reader for all the blogs I follow. Imported google reader into Free Range yesterday. Works great.
    So is is it a Western or Easter Willet. I’m still trying to learn the differences.

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