Bird Photography Weekly


I came across a nice flock of Turkeys with several displaying males.  The head color and warty wonderfulness was fantastic.  Ain’t he a looker.

Check out this week’s Bird Photography Weekly for other hotties of the bird world.


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6 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. He’s one handsome dude. I love the way his waddle makes an almost perfect heart shape. I heart you too, Turkey Dude!

  2. They really are gorgeous for color!

  3. southfielddrive

    good capture

  4. Now that is a gorgeous shot! I wanted to click on it to make the photo larger…but it didnt work..bummer

  5. Great capture of a very patriotic bird Bev. I know Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be our national bird and a friend of mine told me it was because of their red, white and blue coloring.

  6. Ali

    What a neat shot! Turkeys are so interesting, great job!

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