Bird Photography Weekly

Black & White Warbler

My sister and I had just finished dragging the table and chairs out of the garage and uphill into the back yard and were enjoying our first sip and sup of well-deserved crisp white wine and creamy Saint Andre cheese when, from out of the corner of my ear; I heard it.  I stopped chewy and tilted my head.  “Weeza, weeza, weeza.”  I saw a flicker of monochromatic movement.

“What is…”

“Have you seen…”

We both spoke at once.

“It’s a Black and White Warbler,” I reached onto the chair next to me and offered her my bins.  “They nest here and will be with me all summer.”

Not all warblers, the jewels of the treetops, are high or bright.  The Black and White Warbler travels the trunk like a Nuthatch and has zebra stripes or so my littlest neighbor across the street tells me.  I love that they are so accessible.  Especially if I can see them in the backyard and the only travel involved is with a wine glass from table to lips.

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10 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. What you didn’t mention is that, although they are accessible, (coming down a good deal lower to us mortals, than many of these jewels) they are still rather frenetic and getting a nice clear shot isn’t always as easy as it may seem. I’ve got plenty of slightly blurred pics of these guys, but you have managed it quite nicely!
    Wine, cheese, family, and warblers – what a perfect way to spen a warm vernal evening!

  2. Bev, I LOVE that picture. What a cute little bird! I’m with Christopher . . . not an accessible bird for me! 🙂 Noshing on wine and cheese while observing these guys is a pretty cool treat!

  3. Man…Now thats the way to bird! Wine..cheese and relax and the birds come to you!

  4. Wonderful photo of such a way cool bird! I’m pretty sure all birding should be done with wine and cheese… just makes sense!

  5. Birds, wine & cheese, and loved ones are a great combination.

  6. An interesting little bird and a great sounding afternoon!

  7. Super capture of the Black and White Warbler Bev! I must agree with all who came before me, wine cheese, backyard, birds, friends and family can’t be beat!

  8. I’ll drink to that, Bev! 🙂

  9. Striking little bird.

    That’s how I like to enjoy my arm-chair birding too but over here we get desired results with beer and devilled cuttlefish.

  10. noordweb

    Birdwatching in style. Cheers!

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