Bird Photography Weekly

LA Waterthrush

The song of the Louisiana Waterthrush bounces through the forest; loud enough that I can hear it as I drive.  This is one warbler that is not a neck-craner.  When you hear it, pull over and scan the forest floor for it walks along the edge of woodland streams bobbing its tail and flipping over leaves looking for a snack.  Like many of the wood warblers; it will stay and nest with us.

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5 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. I have never seen this bird before, maybe some day, great post.

  2. Beautiful image! I’ve seen one Louisana thrush several years ago, doing just as you described along a mountain river bank.

  3. One of my favorites to see and hear! Great photo!

  4. Great photo of the bird and the habitat as you described it.

  5. Nice looking bird.good photo.

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