Mouths to Feed

Baby bird

A flutter of movement drew me across the street.  A dark bird flashed away.  I was scanning the trees when a hole in an adjacent snag suddenly filled up.  The phrase “gaping maw” leapt to mind.  If he had had a spoon he would have been banging it against the table.  It must be hard to fill even a tiny belly, one bitsy caterpillar at a time. I never saw the harried parent.


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5 responses to “Mouths to Feed

  1. And we think teenaged humans are voracious eaters!

  2. What a wonderful shot, Bev! Reminds me of when my two kiddos would sit and squawk for their dinner. (Like last night, and the night before, and….)

  3. Very cool photo, great timing with its beak wide open like that.

  4. loved the mouth wide open in the tree photo! Very very cool!

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