Skywatch Friday

Cedar Waxwings

I heard them first.  When I looked up, following the sound, I saw dozens of Cedar Waxwings on the overhead wires, kibitzing among themselves.  Like all travellers, I’m sure they were complaining about the weather,  the lack of appropriate food, the boredom of flying all day and Junior in the back asking “are we there yet?”


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5 responses to “Skywatch Friday

  1. It’s like you were there with them, listening!

  2. It’s almost like a chorus line. Great shot, Bev!

    Oh, and tell Junior there (bottom right, I’m guessing) to quit slouching on the line. Bad posture like that will never attract the right kind of chicks.

  3. I love Waxwings! Whenever I see this many of them at once, they are usually hiding behind leaves in a large tree, 80 feet above my head, where they aren’t nearly as photogenic as yours!

  4. Ha..You know I have never seen waxwings on an electrical wire..usually just see them on tops of trees..

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