Wading with Shorebirds at Jamaica Bay

East pond

C’mon, let’s take a walk.  Wait, did you go get your permit? Yes?  Ok then.

In a few weeks, there will be a bloggy meet-up at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, NY.  You are coming, aren’t you?  It is one of the most amazing places to see at most times of the year, BUT, my friends, there is nothing like the shorebird migration.  I was there in August last year and the birds were literally at our feet.  We walked around East Pond and then hopped over to walk around the West Pond and through the woods.


Not only is it great for shorebird viewing, but the opportunity for photos is outstanding.  AND not to dangle the carrot too close to your face, there have been several rarities there in recent weeks.


Hyped up to go now?  Here is who’s going as far as I know. There are a a few others nibbling the carrot too. (Which is sort of like drinking the Kool-Aid, but not really.)

Anne Marie from iheartwarblers

Dendroica from A DC Birding Blog

Carrie from Great Auk or Greatest Auk?

Matt Bango, driving force behind Chirptracker.com.

Christopher from Picus Blog

Jay the driving force behind BirdJam

Stella, President of Huntington Audubon

Laura from Somewhere in NJ

Patrick from Hawk Owl’s Nest

Corey from 10000 Birds

Catherine from Birdspot

Cindy from Longing for Maine

Scott from Peace, Caffeine, Linux

Birdingbev from Behind The Bins.




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17 responses to “Wading with Shorebirds at Jamaica Bay

  1. Jealousy is such an unbecoming emotion, I’m sure that can’t be what I’m feeling.

    Y’all have a good time and take lots of pictures.

  2. Me too!

    I just need to figure out how to get myself and Jay there without driving on that godforsaken Belt Parkway!


    Could we hitch a ride with someone? Carpool maybe? Take the train?


    • I should be there too.

      And, Laura, if you get yourself to the city you can take the A or the J trains to Cross Bay/Woodhaven Blvd and take the Q53 LTD bus directly to the refuge. Coming from Jersey the Belt (shudder) is probably the best bet. But if you come early the traffic is no problem.

  3. I will likely be there. I’ll see if I can wrangle Corey in too. The folks from Jersey can potentially carpool. At least, those of use south and west of the city. The rest stop at Exit 11/12 on the tpk is a good place to meet. Also, rubber boots are a MUST in the east pond especially with this wet summer. I was there yesterday and “moist” is an understatement.

  4. I wish I was there but sadly 3500 miles away 😦

  5. nobbiecat

    boo hooo…wont be there booo hoooo..
    wishing u all a wonderful time!

  6. A permit to walk? Gee.

  7. The permit is just an opportunity for the park rangers to show you the rules. There’s no fee, you just have to sign a card with a list of rules.

  8. High tide at Jamaica Bay will be around 10:30am. (Thanks, Corey) so plan on meeting at the visitor’s center at 8. Bring boots. It’ll be wet wading. Bring lunch too. Oh, and don’t forget your camera. And your blog cards, you want to give them out right?

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun but I have a prior commitment that day.

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  11. Cool! That is also the date for the NYC Linnaean Society’s 16th Annual Tom Davis Memorial Shorebird Walk. Photographer Sean Sime is leading the walk. There will be lots of birders (and even more birds) at the refuge. I look forward to putting some faces with the names I’ve been reading online.

  12. Hi Bev,

    Thanks for the note on my blog about this outing. I am about to go to Maine but I will be back by the 20th and look forward to getting together at Jamaica Bay. Yeah, Jamaica Bay is such an awesome place and I’ve only been there once..

  13. Wait… what? I haven’t replied to this post yet?
    That’s weird. I really thought I had…

    Anyway – yes, yes, yes! I am coming on down and am looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. And seeing some Jamaica Bay muck, and possibly some things with feathers – regardless whatever ‘curse’ there might be. (We Bostonians have finally got a handle on breaking curses you know)

  14. pinguinus

    Yeah, I’ll definitely be there! Should be exciting.

  15. redzlan

    Nice captured of beautiful Shorebirds.

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