Singin’ the Blues

Indigo Bunting

“Blue, Blue, I’m so Blue, Blue, Blue.”

A long time ago, a birding friend told me that, to her ear, the Indigo Bunting proclaimed his pride of color for all to hear. It stuck with me.

When I got out of the car at the Wallkill NWR, I was astounded by the layer upon layer of birds singin’ the blues.  There seemed to be a bird on every stick, shrub, twig and sturdy waving blade of grass.  They were on the overhead wires, in the trees and darting hither, thither and yon.  Off in the woods trying its darnest to be heard above the din, an Eastern Wood-Pewee belted out a high lingering note.  The note hung in the air in a tiny bubble of silence.  Then a chortling Goldfinch dashed overhead and the song of the Indigo Buntings rose again.

Over all species count was low: I had Indigo Bunting (sorta hard to miss), Goldfinch, Barn Swallow, Canada Geese, 2 Great Egrets, Mute Swans, Mallards, Song Sparrows, a presumably injured Snow Goose, Common Yellow-Throat, 3 Eastern Wood-Pewees, Northern Rough-winged Swallows, 15 Great Blue Herons and a few Turkey Vultures.  There was a Ruddy Duck on the day list, but I did not see it.

Though the numbers were down, there was a palpable restlessness in the air, change in coming.  I’m not ready but they are getting there.


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2 responses to “Singin’ the Blues

  1. Yes, we noticed that restlessness while birding yesterday… and also the start of some shorebird action…

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