Secret Admirer – gift 2

Turkey feathers

My secret admirer was back.  This time I opened the front door to find 2  turkey feathers stuck in the crack between the stoop and the steps.  ‘Fess up.  Who is it?  I live in the middle of no where.  It has to be someone I know.


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7 responses to “Secret Admirer – gift 2

  1. I know! I’ve been meaning to post about this. My friend Geri, in Redondo Beach, CA had a pair of bluejays that many people in the neighborhood fed. Then she noticed stones on the deck where she had left food.

    The blue jays are so darn smart that they were PAYING her, or leaving gifts, whichever you like,
    for the peanuts she left for them!!!!

    The concepts of payback, whether it’s buying, or rewarding, are so incredibly complex it blows my mind. Can’t wait til you find out who’s done this!

  2. How fun…let us know who the mystery person is.

  3. I bet it was the little neighbour.

  4. Ann Marie

    Weird as it is, I hope you DON’T find out who is your secret admirer (unless of course, he’s tall, dark & hunky and then I hope you find out ASAP).

    Once you know the secret, the balloon of anticipation will be deflated. Not knowing keeps it interesting.

    Can’t wait to see what your S.A. leaves you next! Keep us posted.

  5. Nice having an admirer – would be neat if it was a bird 🙂


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