Panama Bound

howler monkeys

I am off to the land of Motmots, Flowerpiercers, Tinamous and Howler Monkeys.   I will be at the Canopy Tower in Panama for 4 nights and the Lodge for 3.  Can I hear a W00T?  I’m super excited. I am dragging my creaky old laptop with me, so I certainly hope I can get online from there and maybe do a post or 2.  Although… I may be so busy ogling Trogons that do not have a spare minute to blog.  We’ll see.


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4 responses to “Panama Bound

  1. Sooo envious! Have a great time.

  2. We’ll totally understand if you are too busy to blog. Have fun ogling!

  3. Ann Marie

    WooT WooT WooT!!!!

  4. W00T! enjoy (I know you will) and take lots of photos.

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