Hanging with Monkeys in Panama

I drifted out of a dream to the unearthly sound of Howler Monkeys brawing in the new dawn.  It sounded like they were right outside of my room.  I tossed on some clothes and dashed up 3 flights of stairs to peer into the darkness.  I waited, alone in the common room,  expecting all of the guests to charge in bleary-eyed and bewildered.  Eventually a few guests arrived and we nodded to each other in amazement at the sound.  As the sun rose we saw that the monkeys had taken up residence in the trees in the parking lot.

Howlder Monkey

As the light got brighter, we could see them better, but they fell silent. I was hoping to get them on video, alas that didn’t happen. But while scanning for any movement in the trees, (yes, I will get back to birds really soon) one of the other guests happened to spot a tiny Geoffroy’s Tamarin jumping through the canopy.  The smallest of the Central American monkeys, it is the size of a squirrel.  And darn cute. We chased that monkey around and around the tower roof  hoping for it to sit for a few minutes so we could take it’s photo.  Finally he stopped and look right at me.

I suppose I would get used to them, but I don’t know….

     Geofforey's Tamarin

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