International Vulture Awareness Day 09

Black Vulture

From the top of the Canopy Tower, I was in the sky realm of the Vultures. They drifted over the valley, played in the drafts and chased each other. Black Vultures have a lot of personality, much more than Turkey Vultures. Sorry. But you really need to spend some quality time in the clouds to see it.

They are both lovely though in the early morning light.

Turkey Vulture

Not for nuthin’ but our world would be pretty gross without them, eh?


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2 responses to “International Vulture Awareness Day 09

  1. Stunning photos Bev.

    I love the light just touching the Turkey vulture’s wings.

  2. I enjoy vultures. Never seen a Black Vulture, but of course the Turkey Vulture is quite enjoyable to watch as it wobbles through the air.

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