Butterflies of Panama

One of the first things (well aside from the birds) that you will notice in Panama is the incredible array of Butterflies.  In the heat of the day (and I am talking serious heat and humidity at the Tower) during the siesta break, I wandered around sampling the butterflies as they sampled the nectar.  I would like to show you a few of them.  Most of them I do not know the names of, but they are all fabulous.

banded peacock
Banded Peacock


Dimorphic Skipper

Frosted Flasher

This one is a skipper and maybe a FrostedFlasher

scary caterpiller

Domi and I found this wicked looking caterpillar on a bridge railing at the start of Plantation Road. I wouldn’t touch it if you paid me.




Orange-washed Sister


Either Ziba Scrub-Hairstreak or Confusing Scrub-Hairstreak

All of these were taken at the Canopy Tower. But let me leave you with the Blue Morpho that floats everywhere at the Lodge. I loved that they came to the feeders to eat the bananas. They rest with their wings closed. It was impossible for me to take a good shot of one flying. They are the most beautiful blue.

blue morpho eating banana

Special thanks to Kim Garwood for helping ID the butterflies and to Patrick Belardo for suggesting her website.


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7 responses to “Butterflies of Panama

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  2. Erik

    Reading this post was a true joy, because I had the pleasure of meeting Beverly in Panama…and learned a lot about butterflies from her (and a bit about birds as well). That caterpillar is simply insane!

  3. That’s one crazy cat. Try this site for some help: http://www.neotropicalbutterflies.com

  4. Patrick, thanks for the website. Kim got back to me with IDs.

  5. Deedee

    Beverly, Amazing pictures you take! Isn’t Panama
    wonderful?!! I was born there!! Dd

  6. Beryl /clarke

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I collect these Fab Darlings, they are so lovely.

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