Bird Photography Weekly

Rufous-capped Warbler

I had had enough.  I was tired from the morning hike and riding in a van on the twisty, turny road was making me nauseous.  Besides, I was leaving the next day and wanted to make arrangements and start packing.  So, I stayed behind on the last afternoon tour, knowing full well that I would miss the Orange-bellied Trogon.   Alone at the Lodge, I dragged a chair into the hedge to sit quietly as the birds came to the fruit feeders.  At first they were suspicious, but since I didn’t move they ignored me.  This Rufous-capped Warbler was poking among the leaves under the feeders, popping in and out of shadow.  This was not a life bird for me, I had seen them in Costa Rica, but he was looker, nonetheless.

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11 responses to “Bird Photography Weekly

  1. The best bird is the one you’re looking at.

  2. …wow…he is definitely a looker. I love that color combination. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful thing to do…just sit and watch and listen to the birds. It was probably nice to be alone and just hear the forest sounds.

  3. What a cool looking bird Bev! I love that capture of him looking down at you (literally not figuratively) 😉

    I really enjoy seeing birds from other countries that I may never get to see. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely bird and photo. Your chair in the hedge sounds pretty good to me!

  5. Nice bird and photo! I’ve been told by a birding friend all you need to do is sit and wait and the birds will come to you. It looks like it work for you, congrats.

  6. Great shot of a beautiful bird.

  7. That is certainly a beautiful warbler.

  8. Sit and they will come. 🙂 Must have been very exciting just to sit and this colorful bird just comes right before your eyes.

  9. Great way to wind down 🙂

    I need to catch up on all your Panama posts, Bev. How’s the hand btw?

  10. Amy

    Beautiful bird. Would be a lifer for me!

  11. Beautiful bird Bev… It must be great to be able to go out on this birding adventures. My health keeps me pretty close to home and with my backyard birds. But I enjoy getting to ‘know’ them and once in a while there is a new visitor to the yard or pond… Michelle

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