Moonwalking Manakins

rc manakin

“Is this the one that does the moonwalk?”

I looked over at an older woman standing next to me and shrugged with a little head-shake. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. The only moonwalk I knew of was Michael Jackson’s. I tracked the cherry red head through the gloom and deep shadow. “I’m sure this is the one, ” she persisted.

Luckily the guide came up and overheard her. He knew exactly what she was talking about. Turns out it is an old and well-known video on YouTube. In case you are living in a bucket like me, here it is. You just have to love Manakins.  And dig those yellow thighs.


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6 responses to “Moonwalking Manakins

  1. Oh, this was great! The Manakins (especially this one of the golden pantaloons) are among my top 5 favorite birds (seen so far!) in Central America. Can’t wait to get back there to hear that distinctive “wing snap!”

  2. I live in a bucket, too. That was awesome!

  3. Manakins are great Bev! Many have the most fantastic displays (leks). In Manu there are 5 species to be seen. But Red-capped Manakin of Central America probably have the best dance of all. Every birdblogger should sooner or later blog about this bird and show him dancing away to M. Jackson. It is defintely one of the “1000 birds to see before you die” (the title of my post). Definitely need to do some birding in Central America.



  4. Wahoo! 5 species in Manu!!! Can’t wait.

  5. If I didn’t know you to be trustworthy, I’d almost think this was a digital animation. Truth is stranger than fiction! Terrific stuff!

  6. I cant believe that ..great birder bev you…was living in a bucket..
    even lil ole not so great birder me…had seen that video…
    u must get out of the bucket more! 🙂

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